Onboarding Trusted Identities in Seconds 

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KYC/AML Solutions Across Multiple Sectors & Use Cases


Banking & Finance

ICOs & Exchanges

Gaming & Gambling

Travel & Hospitality

Legal & Professional

Asset Management

Utility & Telcos

Government Services

How it works

1. Compliance

We invite users to provide the necessary legal consents to comply with privacy regulations and invite them to read the Ts and Cs. We ask them to prepare the required Identity and proof of address documentation for the verification process to begin. KYCexpert fully complies with all applicable KYC, AML and Data Privacy legislation.

2. Liveness Check

A video streams the process from this point (a requirement in AMLD5). We identifiy whether there is a live user present and set some challenges to the user to satisfy our advanced liveness checks. KYCexpert's enhanced technology  uses artificial and human intelligence to detect liveness, micro expressions, photoshopped images and false video streams in data submitted.

3. Identity Capture

The user is then asked to place their Identity document of choice in front of the camera. The user's face is matched against their ID picture. The user is then asked to provide proof of address documentation. The data and images are captured., As far as the user is concerned, this completes the verification process..

4. Background


The verification process continues behind the scenes. The user is automatically screened using an advanced  Background Checking engine. Global Watch Lists from Dow Jones are cross referenced to minimise the threat of identity theft and to enable full KYC and AML compliance.

5. KYC Review

A KYCexpert review process is then triggered. A simple dashboard display lets the reviewer validate the accuracy of the information presented. If further proof is required, a real-time video interview can be arranged. The client interface presents real-time reports which are enabled with full insights into the process to provide enhanced auditability, enabling an examination of the ‘decision trail’ used.’

Documents we Verify
  • ID Card Verification

  • Passport Verification

  • Driving License Verification

  • Credit/Debit Cards Verification

  • Customised Document Verification

KYC Verification in Seconds to Reduce Customer Churn and Speed up the Onboarding Process

Background Checks are conducted against specialised sanctions screening lists to automatically eliminating false positives


"GDPR, KYC & AML Compliant 

onboarding in seconds"

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KYCexpert is a registered Business Name of Sedicii Innovations Limited, ArcLabs Research & Innovation Centre, W.I.T. West  Campus, Carriganore, Waterford. X91 P20H. Ireland.  Registration No. 624762